Sabrina Ould Hammouda

In our latest story, we had the pleasure of meeting Sabrina, whose presence was as magnetic as it was inspiring.
Her blend of impeccable style and undeniable talent in acting captivated us from the start.
No one could better inaugurate our interview series. Sabrina, with her graciousness, style, and talent, was the perfect choice for our very first conversation.

My passion for the cinema comes from its ability to take us on journeys, to stir emotions, to make us laugh, to thrill, to understand, to discover. I'm particularly fond of what I call significant films; those that leave a lasting impact, often tackling important and everyday subjects.

What I love most is the act of playing! It's vibrant, exhilarating, intoxicating. I feel so alive when I'm acting. Everything that happens inside the body and heart when acting is incredible.

I was drawn to this career rather late, after completing my studies. Reading Laurent Gounelle's The Man Who Wanted to Be Happy was a real eye-opener.

As a child, I dreamt of theater, playing piano, dancing, and I did it all: dance from the age of 5, modern jazz, oriental, salsa. Piano from the age of 6, theater in my teens. I dreamt of being a character from "Un, dos, tres"! But I never allowed myself to think of it as a career. It never crossed my mind until that book and some wonderful encounters guided me towards this light.

When traveling I love discovering vintage objects, so I often try to find little gems. The most beautiful souvenir I’ve brought back is a an “Aker Fassi”, a small Berber terracotta pot gifted by a Moroccan merchant in Essaouira, which contained a 100% natural poppy pigment treatment. Berber women have always used it for makeup. It was incredibly touching.

Essauira - Photo from Laurence David

I have a simple style: Levi's jeans, sneakers, a T-shirt, and an oversized shirt in spring, with a sweater in winter. I love colors, so I often wear colorful accessories: bandanas, socks, caps, or beanies...
And my go-to item wardrobe is an orange Planet Hollywood leather jacket I found at a vintage market in London.

  • A favorite spot in Paris?

    A wine bar: Folderol. Exquisite natural wines, cozy atmosphere, expert advice.

  • Your favorite Nimette piece?

  • The Parisian woman for you?

    Elegant, natural, simple, effortlessly stylish. And sometimes, exhausted in sweatpants and a hoodie.
    I'm not a fan of clichés...

  • Paris in a word?

    Folie(s) i.e. madness(es): it takes madness to keep up with the pace, the rent, traffic & noise. Still, we're madly in love.