December 2023



In every creation at Nimette, there's a piece of me, a story from a designer's heart, shaped with superior craftsmanship and time. These pieces aren't just fashion items; they're narratives from my travels, encounters that have touched my soul.
And now, I envision them becoming part of your story, perhaps a cherished memory or a highlight of a New Year's Eve.

  • 1 - VOLUMINOUS BLOUSE from Fumie Tanaka

    This blouse isn't just any top; it's a style statement with a high collar and textured appeal. The blouse's dramatic, voluminous sleeves add a fun, bold twist, perfect for making a memorable entrance.


    The delicate lace pattern on the sleeves and high neck contrast beautifully with the skin-exposed waist. For a chic ensemble, pair it with flare jeans for a casual flair or a sleek pencil skirt for a more sophisticated vibe.

  • 3 - LACE TIE-NECK BLOUSE from Fetico

    This blouse, with its deep collar and timeless design, offers a luxurious, velvet-like feel. Whether as a blouse or a dress, it's a chic testament to style and environmental responsibility.

  • 4. TOP & SHORTS SETUP from Akiko Aoki

    For this distinctive ensemble, I've chosen to offer it in two shades: the mysterious black and the vibrant pink. Each color brings its own unique essence to the outfit, which features an eye-catching off-shoulder top with three-dimensional sleeves and elegant prints.

  • 5. EMBROIDERED FLORAL TOP & PANTS from Fumie Tanaka

    Fumie Tanaka's top and trousers set, adorned with hand-embroidered details and exquisite craftsmanship, is a standout in our collection. The black details on both the top and trousers create a polished, unified look.

  • 6. OPEN-BACK LACE DRESS from Fumie Tanaka

    This dress is a chic, bohemian statement piece. Featuring a low-cut neckline, high waist, and a striking patchwork of black and dark purple lace, it offers a unique and elegant silhouette.

  • 7. SLEEVELESS JACKET from PostElegant

    PostElegant's sleeveless jacket effortlessly doubles as a chic dress. Its oversized design and deep black color offer versatile styling options, either worn alone or belted for a defined waist.

  • 8. CORSET DRESS from StyleWars

    This dress is a personal favorite of mine. Drawing inspiration from Morocco and Japan, it beautifully melds two rich cultures into an elegant silhouette. This dress is more than just clothing; it's a symbol of sophisticated craftsmanship and cultural harmony.

  • 9. FAUX-LEATHER BRA By Fetico

    The Fetico bra, crafted from soft-touch fabric with slender straps, is the epitome of visible lingerie done right. This piece a stylish choice for those who love to make lingerie an integral part of their outfit.

  • 10. VINTAGE TULLE TOP from Comme des Garçons

    This exclusive vintage top, unearthed from Tokyo, is a blend of subtlety and boldness. Its lightweight structure and faux leather bands showcase the brand's unique flair. Complete your ensemble with our transparent, flower-shaped earrings.