Nimette was born on a journey to Japan.
A journey driven by the desire to offer fashion that makes us travel.
Fashion centered on exploration, quality, craftsmanship, and creativity.
Fashion that is an adventure we experience together.
Are you ready to embark with us?


From Tokyo to Paris,
It's time to embark all together on an exploration that should never end.

To let our differences open new gates.
To raise excellence to another level.
To create experiences that always transport us.
We'll never stop sharing a new vision of our adventures.

The journey has only just begun.


Globetrotter, daring woman, and mother of two, Nima Krings defied all expectations on her journey to becoming a fashion entrepreneur.
Raised in a creative family, she was immersed in a world of boundless possibilities from an early age. A world that cherishes individuality above everything else.
After a career in finance, she decided to return to her roots and what truly drives her: discoveries and savoir-faire.
She embarked on a global exploration, viewing it as an endless playground.

After one trip to Japan, she brought back a collection of pieces and unknown stories.
With the fervor to share it with the world, Nima created Nimette.
And you have embarked on this journey with her, towards unlimited creative explorations.


At Nimette, it's all about details. 

To elevate your fashion journey, we offer specialized services and unforgettable destinations. 

The Salon
Discover a groundbreaking shopping experience that makes your travel - soon to be revealed, in Paris.

Free returns
Sometimes exploration takes unexpected turns... Try with confidence. Returns are on us.
If you want to return an item, please contact us at bonjour@nimette.com with your order number and the name of the item you want to return.
When your return is confirmed, send us back the items in the original package using the return label provided in the order.

Courrier in Paris
At Nimette, we understand that receiving your order quickly and conveniently is crucial.
That's why we are excited to offer an exclusive courier delivery service right in the heart of Paris. Once your order is validated and prepared, a member of our dedicated team will personally reach out to you to schedule the delivery at a time that perfectly aligns with your schedule.


We believe in clothing that stands the test of time. Our commitment to not holding sales is rooted in a deep respect for the designers who agreed to trust us.
Each Nimette piece is rare, a tribute to the designers' creativity. We champion the idea of quality over quantity, fostering a culture of thoughtful consumption.
Our collections are timeless, transcending seasons and trends, a reflection of enduring style.

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