Nimette's journey starts with Nima's travels. She recently visited Mexico, aiming to capture its vibrant spirit and unearth unique treasures for Nimette.

Beyond her initial mission, she found several extraordinary places full of history and charm—gems she's excited to share with you.

Puerto Escondido

I love the laid-back vibe of Puerto Escondido, its wild coast where you look up to see humpback whales and dolphins passing by.

Casa Wabi, an artists' residence imagined and built by Tadao Ando, truly captivates me. I'm also fond of Kengo Kuma's hen house nestled among Bosco Sodi's artworks.

Instagram: Fundación Casa Wabi


Stumbling upon Cuernavaca was a delightful accident. It's a retreat for Mexico City's affluent families, drawn by its eternally spring-like climate, thousands of lush little valleys, and gardens hidden behind grand carriage gates.
My favorite spot: The Robert Brady House, which echoes the rich intellectual history of the place and the European and American influences of figures who sought refuge here from the world's tumult.
Also worth visiting nearby is the magical village of Tepoztlán.

Instagram: Museo Robert Brady

Mexico City

There's a surprising sweetness to life amidst the megacity's hustle. The kindness of the people shines through, despite the ever-present undercurrent of violence.

Our excursion to Durango, land of Pancho Villa with its lunar volcanic landscapes, was to witness the total eclipse as if we were on the moon—a truly magical family moment. The sudden cold that sweeps away the heat, the dizzying 360 sunset, and the re-emergence of the sun felt like waking up in the middle of a dream.


Colima, with its magnificent Hacienda de San Antonio, offers a retreat from the world in the shadow of the volcano, its vibrant equestrian traditions still alive.
The blue agave valleys of Tequila, the leather craftsmanship of Colotlan.

The wild Pacific coast south of Todos Santos in the Lower California tip, the milky ocean like a vast cloud, sunsets drowned in birds, and always, the whales.

Website: Hacienda de San Antonio